Meet The Artist Behind The Lens

I am a Gryffindor, SNL fan, mom to a Boston Terrier named Mumford, former professional ballerina, champagne cocktail & speakeasy connoisseur, and avid traveler (27 countries and counting) who absolutely adores Fridays. 

Let’s break that down…
I am a visual storyteller passionate about capturing the moments and feelings that are uniquely and deeply you.
I use images to transport people back to the moments that meant the most to them through candid and artistic imagery.

I believe that humor is essential to love and that every wedding should have an inspired story arc, one of a kind characters, and that little dash of mischief that makes a smile sparkle.

With an avidity for love, desire to invest my time and skill in what matters most in life I found myself undeniably attracted to wedding photography. My blend of emotion based and editorial-style imagery has its roots in the entertainment industry where I came from first as a professional ballet dancer and then as a creative production manager for global media teams.

Decades working in entertainment and stage make me an expert in anticipating moments, waiting the breath that is needed to allow a pose to settle, and capture the peak of emotion. My years as a professional dancer have trained my eye to be attuned to what is aesthetically beautiful; what angles and ratios are most flattering, how light can be used to tell a story and support the emotional arc of an image. I bring encouragement and positivity that help settle the butterflies, direction when needed, subtlety when a moment unexpectedly unfolds–and a good time when the adventure begins.

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Meet The Artists Behind The Lens

I love the feel of late Summer
The taste of Sangria
The smell of Pink Roses
And the sound of the Ocean

I love the power of real emotion, spontaneous reactions, and the surprise and delight that interweave throughout a wedding day. It is an honor to get to capture those moments and turn them into treasured memories that can rekindle the emotions and feelings of such a special day. 


Photo: Carrie Tompkins


"Knock Twice Photography is professional, fun, and has such an artistic eye!! You won't regret using Cara and you'll have memories to last a lifetime!!!"

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Capturing you

Knock Twice


Cara captured the magic of our day and went above and beyond to take care of us throughout the entire process! When we got our photos back it was as if we got to relive the day again, and felt the rush of emotion from seeing the love from all of the people we care most about. 

Lilly & sean